Our Company

Mission Statement

Central Beverage Company’s mission is to be a key independent DSD beverage distributor in the Chicago metro area, serving all channels of Chicago’s retail trade with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

We strive to give our employees the tools, ability and flexibility to help our retail partners maximize sales of our products, ultimately providing the best service, value and choices to our shared customer, the consumer.

Company Profile

Central Beverage Company is a direct-store-delivery (DSD) beverage distributor servicing over 3500 retailers in the eight county Chicago metro area with beer and other malt based alcoholic products as well as teas, juices, energy drinks, functional beverages, sodas and bottled water.

We service all retail channels, from national mass merchandiser and grocery chains to local grocery stores, convenient chains and local independent retailers as well as bars, restaurants, hotels and sports and entertainment venues. Our on-premise team is 100% Cicerone Certified. For many products, we are one stop shopping to local and national chain retailers in our market.

Central Beverage Company began in November 2002 as the successor business to Central Distributing Company, a beverage distributor who had been in operation since 1985. Central Beverage Company is owned and operated locally by Mark Muench, Patrick Savaiano and Donna Spagnola. We operate out of a distribution and office facility in the western Chicago suburb of Broadview, Illinois.

The Company’s goal is to continue to build its reputation as a leading customer oriented DSD distributor for beverage products in the Chicago market while it looks for opportunities to expand its product lines.

The Company locally employs over 100 people, both union and non-union and we are ethnically and gender diverse. Central Beverage Company and its ownership are unique in that they are not a family owned business by historical definition, as most beverage distributors are. Central’s predecessor company was investor owned and operated. As key management for that Company, Donna, Mark and Pat were able to become minority owners of that business and as a result, had the opportunity to establish Central Beverage Company. Although not related, Donna, Mark and Pat have a strong partnership and work well together; they have thus created their own “Central Beverage” family. They each have 20+ years of experience and success in the running of the Company, as well as a commitment and entrepreneurial spirit to see that the future of the business is as successful as its past.

Donna Spagnola

Donna, a CPA, is the President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. She oversees the accounting and office personnel and is responsible for all financial, administrative and legal aspects of the Company. In addition, she solicits and reviews potential new products to add to the Company’s distribution portfolio.

Donna’s expertise and professional background have helped the Company progress to meet current day supplier and retailer demands and keep the Company poised for future growth opportunities.

Donna is the company’s community and political liaison as well. She hasy served as the first female Chair of the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI) and is a current board member of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA). She is also a co-chair trustee for the Teamsters Local 744 Health and Welfare and Pension plans and sits on the Illinois DASA advisory committee.

Mark Muench

Mark is the Chief Sales Officer of Central Beverage Company. Mark began his career at Central Distributing Company, ultimately becoming their Vice President of Sales before becoming an owner of Central Beverage Company.

Mark has overall responsibility for implementation of all sales and marketing programs. He works extensively with suppliers to develop sales programs for the Company’s various markets. He is known for developing innovative sales and marketing programs.

In addition to the Company’s current portfolio, Mark has managed the portfolios of Barton Beers, InBev, Femsa, McKenzie River and Coors and has launched such successful brands as Stella Artois, Blue Moon and Monster Energy in the Chicago market.

Mark has served on supplier advisory panels and been a BevNet speaker.

Patrick Savaiano

Pat is the Company’s Chief Operations Officer. Pat also began his career with Central Distributing Company. In addition to overseeing the warehouse and delivery staff, Pat is responsible for inventory and fleet management.

Bob Jabs

Bob is the Company’s Vice President of Sales, a position he held for many years at Southwest Beer Distributors prior to the sale of that business to Central Beverage Company in 2005. Bob has been instrumental in solidifying the Company’s position as an important beverage distributor in the Chicago market.

Like Mark, Bob has years of experience managing many different brand portfolio.

Alcohol Responsibility

As a licensed alcohol distributor in the state of Illinois, Central Beverage is part of what is known as the three-tier system of alcohol regulation mandated by the 21st amendment, the repeal of prohibition. This three-tier system, which provides for a separately licensed manufacturer, distributor and retailer, was intentionally designed to control the flow of alcohol and thus avoid overconsumption, protect consumers from tainted product, prevent underage access to alcohol and ensure tax collections. This system provides an audit trail of all shipments of alcohol into Illinois and to the eventual consumer.

As a licensed alcohol distributor, we support the moderate consumption of alcohol by people of legal drinking age. In coordination with our state association, the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois, we support many underage prevention initiatives, including the Talking to Teens About Drinking publication in alliance with the Illinois Principals Association. This award recipient booklet has been distributed to over 250 high schools throughout the state.

We are a member of The Chicago Beer Wholesalers’ Association (CBWA), the Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois (ABDI) and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA). These groups help represent our and our customers’ alcohol industry related issues at the local, state and national levels.